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Ruler_Blue by psycoB Ruler_Blue by psycoB
only screenshot...
ported to vista by me

original theme for XP by susumu/McDo DESIGN
XP theme download to here
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UkIntel Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007   Interface Designer
Oh mate!

This is by far the best VS i have seen for Vista.. Excellent work! well done!
kpk Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
Looks good to me.

Please consider also a variation with the taskbar located on the bottom of the window.

Keep up the good work.

UkIntel Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007   Interface Designer
I noticed you have change the Font Type in the taskbar and other areas..

I see it in this theme and in your thin taskbar mod..

Could you please tell me how to change the font?

is it a hex-edit or a reg-edit?... Is it even in the .msstyle?
UkIntel Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007   Interface Designer
Looking good mate, Good work.. but why only a screenshot? is this WIP

Will it be an Aero Style, or Basic only???

:) Please answer ZEUSosX question...... He's been looking for answers for a long time now, I think only you can help him as your knowledge on the Variant is Second to None :)

Keep up the good work!
ZEUSosX Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
good work mate.

clean theme with enabling on uper right part of menu, and new font on window folders and on address bar.

but perchaps you have to make the right part
of menu[via variant?] having bigger width as in languages like greeke or german etc the length of the words are bigger [right menu also] and the light blue color over text you use possible go out of the internal borders.[but ofcource this changing perchaps change the original susumu/McDo DESIGN]
[maybe the white text color on the center of toolbar is not very visible, but because the dark shadow of the letters no problem]
Please, if you have a little free time, give a solution about the How do i make curved corners on the bottom part of (aero) Basic Window[as you did on bister]? see [link]
Thank you for everything you have given.
i support your work since december 2006 in every forum i have written, because i believe to your skils!
psycoB Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
transparent of FrameBottom
in valiant 0x1f408
from 00000000 to 01000000
ZEUSosX Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
You are genious and i realy appreciate everything you have done.
YOU are giving other dimentions to everyones work on theming and i think all community has to say a huge thank to you.
[my english are very poor to say more, so i will write it to hellenic(=greek)]
E Y X A Ρ I Σ T Ω !
sahtel08 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice one mate... when will you gonna release ...

why don't you make a complete Guide to skin Vista ?... from A to Zzzz....
ShamusHand Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
Aww, c'mon, please upload? :shakefish:
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July 4, 2007
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